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Good luck. I hope you have a great birth.
I don't think I'll know what it was... We haven't had sex in a few weeks... it felt more like water than cervical fluid (not slippery just wet). Who knows. I am glad today wasn't the day. Too much to do still.
That sounds pretty scary. I'm glad you are all doing pretty well. Congrats on the beautiful addition.
So i thought my water broke this morning. I was letting the dog out and my thighs got wet all of a sudden. After calling the nurse advice line, crying and freaking out that we aren't ready, frantically finishing packing the hospital bags, we drove to the hospital and was put on the moniters for a long time. The midwife did an exam and found no fluid or ferning on the slide so after 2 hours they sent us home. I felt like an idiot. And now wonder if i peed myself...
Hello everyone. I had no idea the DDC had so many members. I'm due on the 10th with our first.
Congratulations! I never knew that babies could injure themselves sucking... I hope you and the little one get the latch figured out soon.
Good luck!
Congrats! What a surprise welcome home!
I'm so glad you are able to all be at home. I'm glad the doctors were able to work with you and your goals for Silas.
I didn't know they hurt either and I'm annoyed the doctor didn't warn me.
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