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I'm at 37 weeks today, due on the tenth, but i think I'll be late. I'm not feeling that labor is close.
Congrats! I'm so glad everything went well.
Kat, me either which is why i crop out my face. :-) Here i am last week at 36 weeks Everyone looks awesome.
I love the name Sage too but since we are going with a first name that starts with A and our last name begins with S. All middle names that begin with S are out...
For me that's how they learnef she was head down. If I'm remembering correctly, I think she just pushed crazy hard from my belly and around my cervix to get the position. Similar to when they check your uterus/ovaries at a regular obgyn exam but way more painful...
Aidenn I totally thought it was just me having a hard time at the sink...
I have Kaiser which uses a reduced prenatal schedule for low risk pregnancies. I'm only going every two weeks through my due date which at first i thought was strange but I'm actually happy i dont have to go weekly. After 40 weeks I'm not sure how often they'll see me. I think I'll decline the cervical check at my 38 week appointment and discuss it with the doctor for my 40 week. Thanks again for all your responses and input. I don't really have anyone to ask in real life.
Thanks everyone. That is what my gut was saying.
Everyone's showers and the blessingway sound great. It sounds like they were quite a success. I never can respond to everyone on these weekly chats. Its too hard on my phone but i enjoy reading them and periodically chiming in.
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