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Dakipode, since t shirts are stretchy sometimes different layers get a bit weird while sewing them, but you can just cut off the weird parts after, or at least that is what i do...
I had spotting at 11 weeks, but the nurse practioner hasn't been too concerned. I had spotted a few times before that, often after/during a bowel movement. I think my cervix is just sensitive. How far along are you?
Unisom and b6 did wonders for me. I hope you get some relief. It strangely doesn't help me sleep any better though.
My nurse practitioner actually said "You don't need a pap smear, you have had one in the past few years." I thought they were a routine part of prenatal appointments and was surprised, but totally ok with not getting one...
I told my work yesterday. It went well but I was super nervous. Got congratulations and hugs. The owner and manager seem super excited. I'm not a huge "sharer" so I don't know when or how I'll facebook announce.
The nurse practitioner I see has no desire to change my dates. She is really easy going it seems. I had to get a dating ultrasound because of a weird cycle coming off the pill, and supposedly the earlier one is more accurate than one at 12.5 weeks
Had my second prenatal appointment today. Our baby would not cooperate and stay still for a picture so we got a blurry picture. It sure has grown! I'm 12 weeks 3 days and it measured 13.1 to 13.4. My family tends to have 8-9 pound babies so slightly bigger than average. It was great to get reassurance that everything is going well. I love seeing everyone's pictures!
I'm so tired of feeling bad. Usually days are ok lately, but mornings and evenings are horrible and I just want to lay in bed and do my best not to puke. I threw up fairly frequently around 8-9 weeks but started taking B6 and Unisom and it helps tons, now I just am nauseous... I want to spend time with my husband that doesn't involve me going "I feel like crap." "I'm tired." "Nothing sounds good to eat." "I'm going to lay down." I also have been spotting the past few...
Welcome. My name is Becca too! And my first is due on the 10th.
New Posts  All Forums: