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I can now feel movement everywhere. Sometimes really low near my pubic bone, and other times really high near my navel!! I either have a really active baby or my husband is right and there are 2 in there
14 weeks. I think I went thru a growth spurt
I will be getting mine when I'm 17w1d. My regular doctor will be doing it. He wanted me to go closer to 20 weeks, but my Midwife wants me to get an ultrasound before my next appointment to rule out twins
I've been feeling this little one since the end of 10 weeks. It started as flutters just once in a while, but I can now feel little thumps! I'll be 14 weeks on Thursday
Cute bellies! Here I am at 13 weeks
My 4 yo thought we were actually getting rid of his little brother. I had to reassure him his brother is going nowhere and now he gets to have 2 siblings. He's excited and says he wants a brother not a sister and has named the baby "green go"; can you tell green is his favorite color? LOL
Mine was: "We are four. Soon we'll be five" I got a few congrats, and many "omg does that mean what I'm thinking????" LOL
I'm 12w1d today with #3. I think I was this big last time around 17 weeks
http://www.livestrong.com/article/465036-coconut-water-blood-pressure/ Here's what I'm talking about
My Chiropractor told me that drinking coconut water helps lower blood pressure. I searched on doctor Google lol and apparently someone made a study where the conclusion was that 10 oz twice a day of coconut water lowers blood pressure
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