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I ended up birthing in the lounge room. We had a pool set up there but I got out when I was nearing transition as it was too shallow to give birth in. I also spent alot of early labour in the shower. I second Bruna on getting as many spaces ready as possible. Had the bed ready aswell but I didn't use it as my partner and my dd were sleeping some of the time.
I managed to find a Selendang new for under $15 on ebay including shipping. It's basicaly an Indonesian style shortie wrap, you can use it on your back in a towel carry if baby has good neck control or for hip carries like a ring sling. So you might still manage more than one wrap on your budget if you're creative. There's also lots of tutorials on how baby wrap with a sheet.
My 4month has been really difficult to nurse the last two days, sometimes opening her mouth and arching away when I offer to nurse or only nursing lying down and coming off every few seconds. She will nurse when she's relaxed and hungry but only then. Changing positions doesn't help much. She's had a cold/snotty nose since this weekend and but has been showing a bottle preference today. I've also only recently got my supply up(pumping and taking a combination of motilium,...
Also meant to say started drinking a litre of iced tea(nettle and roobios) and feeding her in the sling while I'm doing chores(feeds are less rushed and she stays on the breast longer). Started yoga aswell to deal with stress and aches from carrying her so often and well being in general. Goddess pose and feet against the wall pose are good to just relax.
motilium(has another d name) and changing my diet to include more lactogenic foods such as barley water, wholegrains, carrots, leafy greens, sesame seeds and spices. Not sure how much the diet changed helped my supply as a started motilium at the same time but I felt more full and less moody. I got most of my information mobimotherhood.org
For me a chubby baby or toddler equals a healthy one. Both my babies are long and skinny and it's caused me alot of stress. My toddler was almost diagnosed as failure to thrive before she started solids and my 3mths old only recently stopped dropping percentiles. I'm almost certainly guilty of commenting on other babies weight but I try to make sure I'm not being insulting or saying their baby isn't normal. Just remember whatever people say about your child they're either...
Throw out the paci and spend some time doing skin on skin until he starts latching right(preferably in bed or on couch so you can relax ;-) ). And congratulations :-)
I wouldn't travel more than a couple of hours with a newborn unless it was a special event. If they want to meet the baby they can either wait at least a few months or visit, possible exceptions for ill or elderly close family. Maybe offer to Skype.
Winter Estelle was born on 14th July at 11:10pm at home after a long but uncomplicated labour, attended by my DH, my older sister/doula in training, midwife and birth photographer. Her big sister missed the actual birth as my younger sister took her for a drive to calm her down/get her to sleep but they attended most of my labour. Birth story coming soon.
You could also look into doing a partial lotus birth and doing a cord burning. You also don't need to clamp the cord if you wait till after the placenta is born to cut.
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