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I'm definitely pregnant!
Question! I called my clinic re: my BFP, and they want me to wait until march 12 for my first visit. Is that normal? No directions? No eating guidelines? Nothing until then? I feel like someone turned off the light and I'm stuck in the closet. I've been taking a prenatal for two years, so I'll obviously continue that. But, what is immediately next that I should be thinking (worrying!) about?! Tia!!
I woke up to a BFP this morning on an frer!!! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. My hubby doesn't come back from work until tomorrow...I have 24 hours of agony before I can tell him! I promised myself I'd never do it over the phone...do I've got to hold myself to it! Oh my gosh! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom!
Hello ladies I need to hop in your boat! I'm 11dpo, with a faint line on a hpt today...a digital one after that said negative. Been having sore/sensitive bbs (not typical for me), and feel a heaviness in my abdomen I've not experienced before. AF is due on the 13th, so I'm poas every morning now to check. Baby dust to all of you! I'm feelin fertile!
Thank you - I'll pick some up today to check tomorrow morning
Help! I see the faint line. This is my second cycle ttc...I'm 11 dpo. Could this truly be a faint positive?! I'm getting so excited...and know I shouldn't until the real deal happens. It's JUST SO FAINT!! Took with FMU. Thanks in advance, ladies!    
It was an ovarian cyst that made me think I was pregnant. Must have been an evap line maybe next cycle!
Hi again thank you all for the good thoughts. I have ovarian cysts on both ovaries, one of which is rupturing and causing my pain. And I can't do a thing about it. I have to go home and research how this can affect fertility. I am so sad, and so upset, that this might cause us difficulties ttc. I've worked so hard to try to make trying even possible (I lost 66 lbs in 2012). I don't want my chances to fizzle because of a cyst!!!
I'm at 11dpo and every morning have gotten the same ridiculous faint faint faint strain your eyes hpt line. I have been having stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen since yesterday afternoon, and now it is adding severe nausea and mid-section pain as well. I'm a mess. It hurts so badly. I'm waiting to be seen in the ER. If I end up with an ectopic pregnancy on our first ttc try I don't know if I'll honestly ever try again! This is so painful and scary, whatever it is.
Suzie - I think that's two BFPs!!! Congratulations!!!
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