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Hi- I am new to this site and 32+5 weeks pregnant with our first baby.  We are having a homebirth and actually have to move into a vacation rental in a city 5 hrs away just to make that happen.  I do have a question about encapsulation for y'all though.  Is it better to go with the capsules and spread out the benefits over 80-120 days or would the results be the same if my husband made a pate? I have someone lined up to do the encapsulation but thought I would ask the...
The belly band is the only thing that has really helped but now I have a pinched nerve in my hip from a previous injury so...I'm falling apart! I am waiting for a chiro appointment now and know that will make a huge difference.  The other big thing is to make sure that if you are moving in a way that hurts (i.e taking on/off your shoes, getting up from a seated or laying down position) to just stop and ask for help.  I finally started feeling an improvement once I...
Hi Sarah, My name is Sarah too and I would be happy to speak with you.  I am 32 weeks and planning a home birth.  I also live in Canada where HB acceptance is quite different from where I grew up (Texas). You can email me at riegsarah@gmail.com. Thanks and good luck!
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