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if you have a paypal debit card, you can withdraw money at the atm and deposit it to your checking account. that is the only "instant" way to get cash frm paypal.
hello. my childcare situation with my daughter has changed and i am looking for new care for her, close to tanasbourne if possible. she is almost 5. we need mostly part time care.....like 3-4 days a week. hoping to find an in-home childcare that takes a reasonable day rate, and is flexible with different days mon-fri. let me know if you offer childcare, or know someone in the area, so that we can go over some details. thanks!
i think you did the wrong thing, to be perfectly honest. those were not your things to throw away. i think it was an invasion of privacy, trust, and personal space. i would be livid if someone had done this to me.
edited to remove. thanks!
edited to remove. thanks!
thanks. edited to remove.
thanks for the advice...woudl rather not leave this up on the internet anymore.
you know whats surprising? it almost seems like in pictures, everyone loves it! in person -- some people really like it, but less so than online. i wonder if it just looks different in person?? i have a friend in person that said he likes it better like it is now, than the darker blonde i tried last week... and he looked at the pictures and said he likes it better in person than he does in the pics. LOL. i think i like it, its such a huuuuge change for me. i go...
Quote: Originally Posted by peachweenie OK, I'm an enabler. I admit it. I still wipe my 6-year old son's butt because he does such a lousy job of it himself. To me, it's preferable to getting it all over the seat, underwear, shirtsleeves, sink, etc. I do recommend the flushable wipes - they just clean up better and are more fun to use. Good luck! ME TOO! DD is 4. She wipes if she pees, but asks for my help if it is poop. I am really in no...
actually i love dark brown hair in general..... its probably my favorite. i WILL be coloring my hair dark brown in the future... its just a matter of when. i figured that i have always been curious about blonde hair, its a nice summer color, and..... its best to the get the light colors out of the way first, before i start coloring it dark.
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