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I was refitted for a diaphragm at my 6 wk PP visit for baby #3.  After baby #2, I had a size 80.  This time, she gave me a 65.  Does that make sense?  I would think I would not shrink at all - especially that much.  I am about the same body weight that I was after #2 so that doesn't explain it.  I tested the smaller one and while it doesn't fall out on its own, I can pull it out without flexing the ring.  Makes me think it could easily slip out during sex.  Should I go...
Thanks, LeighPF.  It is so difficult finding the right CD because it is a big commitment and investment.  I am just newly pregnant with #3 and my older 2 are both out of diapers so I don't have anyone to try a new diaper.  I am just trying to plan ahead.  I will give the new Tots Bots a try though.  I am not sure what you mean by the trouble that comes with an oil based fabric.  If this one is anything like my other two, he won't be a normal sized newborn. Both big...
I am just 5 weeks with #3 but I am already starting to browse for new diapers.  Both my boys are fully potty trained so I have been out of the CD game for about a year.  I LOVED Bummi's easy fit all in one with DS2 because I loved the bamboo fabric.  I see now they have replaced it with "minky" fabric.  What is that and is it as good?  The bamboo was so soft and absorbent.  I loved the all in one/pocket design of Bummis and I think that is pretty unique.  What to do??
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