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Anyone have Chickenpox?  Looking to expose my DS.
Still unsure if we have pox.  There are spots but nothing is filled w/ liquid yet.  His nose has more mucous today.  Possibly the beginning stages.  Will post another update later today.
My son was exposed 10 days ago and I believe he may have signs of pox but will confirm tmrw morning.  I am in Cold Spring 845-809-5438 is my phone.  You are welcome to come over tmrw if you'd like.  Call me if you wish to discuss...
I am looking for Chickenpox too!  I am in NY.
Seeking Chickenpox exposure for my DS.  Anybody got it?
Anyone know of any outbreaks?
Anyone know of any chicken pox outbreaks?  Would like to expose my ds.
Anyone know of any Chickenpox outbreaks in our area?
Heard there is  a chicken pox outbreak in Milford...  Anyone have the chickenpox?  If so, please send me a pm.  Thanks! -Eileen
I am interested in getting Chickenpox exposure too for my ds.  I'm in NY but willing to travel!
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