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Thanks to all of the would-be-mentors who've posted. I hope everyone has found matches -- if not, definitely consider posting a reminder of your needs/availability.
I loved the milk story -- DS has even told me that my bubbas will make more milk if he starts drinking them again We've been doing "bubba snuggle" every morning when he wakes up and I reassure him at every opportunity that eventhough we stopped having bubbas, I still love him and care about him. When he was sick with the flu two weeks ago, he was attached to them like glue. I agree with you all about the comfort/love and contact.
Not a drop of breast milk for me. When asked about it, my mom said she wanted my dad to be able to be involved. I knew I'd breastfeed -- I had enough breastfeeding dreams way before my son was born to know that it was something I longed for on a deep level. It's a beautiful gift I've been able to give him -- he nursed for almost 4 years.
My 4-year-old is often interested in drinking kombucha with me. Anyone give this to their kids? I'm new to traditional foods and just learning.
What about sambucol? I've seen that recommended here. Other ideas? Thanks!!
DS (4) started preschool in December and has been sick just about every week since. Congestion, runny nose, low grade fever, cough that settles in the chest. He takes 500mg of vit C a day, CLO, coconut oil, udo's for essential fatty acids, a probiotic and a multi. Very limited dairy (yogurt 1-2x a week) too. What else can I try? I've had him to the homeopath twice but something's not clicking and I've tried Wish Garden for Colds and Kids' Insure.
DS had an Old Navy shirt with a dog on it that he loved so much, I went on-line to ebay and bought them up in every size that would fit now or in the near future. I did this with a dolphin shirt from Gymboree too. He loved having multiples and could always have a fresh puppy or dolphin when he wanted it.
Amanda -- thank you, thank you for your reply. It was incredibly helpful.
4-year-old DS is missing his "bubbas." He talks about missing drinking them. When we weaned it was a transition but overall he seemed okay within a few weeks. But he's still wanting to touch them and hold them a lot and continues to articulate what he misses --drinking them. I had been reluctant to go back because I was struggling with my health. But in the months since weaning, I'm finally back up to my pre-preg weight and feeling better. I'm wondering if it would...
What about a simple poached fruit dessert or sorbet with fresh berries? Baked apples are easy and warm on cold nights too.
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