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Thanks for the continued input. Well, things don't seem much better a few days later. I bought a Saltar scale and it appears that DD hasn't gained more than an ounce total this week (we checked the scale accuracy) -- and I'm not even sure it's been that much. She's alert and interactive, sleeping and napping well, but sucking on her thumb/hands a lot. She's been very gassy and as it turns out, I have not been able to block feed because she won't stay on any one...
I recently posted about a bout of mastitis and just bought an infant scale this week. I had the sense that DD wasn't gaining and sure enough, she'd only gained about 6oz in 18 days. I had the mastitis a week ago Thursday but was feeling run down a few days prior. DD had also started sleeping a good 4-5 hour block at night and going longer between feeds while sleeping in a sling. She is two months old exactly. Last weight at doctor's on 7/13 was 8lb 6 oz; today weight...
I was really concerned about thrush also -- in me and DD so that was why I wanted to hold off. With my DS, I had antibiotics at birth and I think that created problems, including thrush really early on in our breastfeeding relationship. I had my daughter at home and I wanted to continue to keep our risk low! I was able to pump out today and with the constant use of thin potato slices today (stays in place better than grated potato I found), I am feeling better. No...
I developed mastitis with a 103 fever on Thursday which has gone away with echinacea, elderberry, and belladonna. There is still discomfort and redness but I am letting down on that side again and my 7 week old will nurse for 10 minutes or so on that breast. I am using grated potato and taking lots of vit C and doing warm compresses. I have an antibiotic and diflucan on hand -- do i need to take it?
So last time around with DS (years ago), I never let him cry for more than a few seconds. But I didn't eat, sleep, or take a shower either. Now with a newborn, I am committed to eating and taking better care of myself and am wondering --- how exactly do I put my little DS down? She screams. She doesn't like a swing, carseat, or infant seat. I have a Moby which she will tolerate at times but not always.
RiverTam, who is the author? I went to Amazon and there were several books with a close title. Thank you!
Thanks so much for all of the helpful replies. I do think it could very well be a fit issue, although he says he likes the therapist, just not the work/practice. But I had the sense from the start that the therapist who did his evaluation was a better fit and I could have followed my intuition. I'm going to try and sit in on the next session and then re-evaluate. I think some adults just really click with DS -- and I don't think she is one of them.
I felt really great for the first week and a half or so. But now DD is awake more and there is more crying and gas and we've moved beyond the wake/eat/sleep cycle. I had a wonderful birth and felt like I had energy from that flowing for several days. Now on week 3, I can feel my impatience and tiredness more. Trying to balance work, a newborn, and an older child. Thank gosh hubby has been home.
Just saying "hi" -- I was due on May 31st but delivered in early June. Second baby. Home birth. Hope to connect with other June mamas.
Thanks for the replies. He's definitely said he hates going -- he says he likes the therapist just not doing the work with her. LOL. He actively avoids her when she comes out to start the session. The funny thing is, he had a different therapist do his evaluation and he seemed to really like her. I think this therapist is competent but I remember telling my husband early on that it just didn't seem like a good fit. So the fit idea really resonates. I'm going to try...
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