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So I posted a shorter version in Parenting too, but thought I might get some good ideas here. My 6-year-old has been identified as gifted and will be in a great program next year. He does have an articulation issue though, that prevents others (especially adults) from fully understanding the depth and complexity of what he is saying. So they tend to just nod and miss his point. Now DS has been going to speech therapy for 6 months and although his therapist says she...
My 6-year-old has a speech articulation issue and has been going to a speech therapist for 6 months. She says he's improving but we see no carry over in his daily conversations with us or others. He hates going and although we've avoided all incentives/rewards/etc., I wonder what we can do to make the experience more positive for him (and us). Aside from articulation, he has no other delays or issues. Any ideas?
I just delivered in a "Made in Water" inflatable birthing pool. It was brilliant! I had planned a home water birth with baby 1 but the pool was so uncomfortable and my labor really stalled. This birth was incredible -- because the pool was inflatable, I could lean over the sides and edges comfortably. It wasn't too big or deep and was easy to top off with hot water to warm up.
Keep all the ideas coming I'm making progress.....
I'm using liquid chlorophyll, yellow dock, and Floradix. Honestly, I've always had the best (and fastest) luck with yellow dock.
Thank you everyone so much for all of your helpful ideas and insights -- and crayfish, you really got me thinking about how in my attempt to be sensitive to his needs, I may have put quite a burden on him in terms of power/control. I'm going to try some new strategies!
If you live near an IKEA, I suggest checking out their expandable tables. We bought a relatively inexpensive white one to double as an art/dining table and it has a leaf that we can add to expand the table, if needed (and we can cover it with a tablecloth to dress it up). It's rectangular and works in the room and because its primary use is as a craft/project table, the shape works better than round for us. I think some of the ones at IKEA have two leaves you can insert.
I've always considered myself a fabulous declutter-er -- my husband and I have moved almost as many times as we've been married and keep only what really matters to us. But I have been struggling with my 6-year-old's stuff -- the tons and tons of things "to keep" and all of the artwork that is overflowing. We made some progress moving things from the house to the garage but now it's just all in the garage. We live in a small home and are expecting a baby soon and I...
It sounds like you are single parenting already -- you need support and care too. That sounds like way to much to shoulder alone. Would you consider selling the house/cars and cutting your expenses so that you have the emotional and finanical freedom to make changes that would lessen your stress and pressure and help you feel more empowered? Stuff is stuff. Sanity and a supportive partnership are priceless! 40 is a milestone birthday in my opinion -- happy birthday to...
Thanks for the tip! I love Revitaphi but after some researching, the midwife said it wasn't safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'd been subbuing Amazing Grass but it just doesn't have the same effect. I'll check out the Vitamineral Green.
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