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  I think that's the key. If the child still enjoys the family bed or sleeping in the same room (our son has a twin bed next to ours) and it's working for the family then everything is fine. I think it goes against AP and the natural flow of things to force it. I know our son would be upset if we stopped but he's a sensitive kid. His sister, only 2.5 yrs right now, is a different child and she may chose to sleep on her own much sooner than he has.
This is all over the news today:     From New York Times (but go to Google News and you'll see a bunch...) March 12, 2012 Prevention: Prostate Risk Is Lower After Circumcision By NICHOLAS BAKALAR A new analysis has found evidence that circumcision may reduce the risk for prostate cancer. Researchers studied 1,754 men with prostate cancer and 1,654 controls in King County, Wash. They asked the men if they were circumcised and if they had ever had a...
Just wanted to update that this is what we've done. It's wall, baby, me, daddy and 6 year old. Sometimes daddy and 6 year old will swap and I'll get to sleep next to both of my babies. I love it! So far 6 year old isn't bothered by baby, but she doesn't wake often which I attribute to the beauty of cosleeping!
I'm on Lexapro (and was all through pregnancy). My doctor was and is fine with it and my daughter is healthy and happy. :) Good luck on finding what is right for you!
We used on when DS was smaller, before he could roll over as a transition from our arms to the bed with us. It was good for us too as reassurance/reminder that baby and nest were there in those early cosleeping nights. I plan on using it again with our next one. I think it makes me feel like she won't get lost in our big bed, even though I'm right there. (I got mine off ebay - no way I could afford to pay full price!)
Bump - no input?
Currently my 6 year old sleeps between Dh and me in our king sized bed. In November, Baby will be here and here is my idea... Turning king bed sideways (so we can get into closets/the room!) and putting twin bed next to it. Having 6 yr old sleep on twin, then daddy on king with baby in middle and then me (then the wall). What do you think? I can't think of any other method unless someone has ideas!
This thread is just what I needed to read. My DS is going to be 6 this month and I love having him still sleep with us. He does still need us to lay with him to go to sleep (which is vexing sometimes - especially when Lost is on ) but most nights it's ok because we'll read books then I'll read a book of my own while he's dozing off. Dh has complained that DS kicks him in his sleep however, so I hope that doesn't cause problems... I love cuddling up to DS at night and...
This was the last book I read. I liked it but it did take a while for me to fully grasp what was going on. I'm not sure how the movie will do it justice - it's going to be tough since it's written different than normal movie-to-books.
We live about an hour and a half from Branson, in Arkansas! It really is a nice, low-key place to live. I'm not sure what to say about it to a newcomer since I've lived here all my life though. Feel free to ask anything!
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