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In the original bead exchange thread has all the info for date to be sent out by and the details you need to send a pre paid envelope or money to send your beads back to you. Pm me for my. Address.
Awesome! Thank you. We are about 30 min SW of Madison. Is this packet something I could have sent to me now?
Jennyanydots, I explained the jist of it a few posts back. hope that helps. :)
vc2013 are you in?
Oh Mama, I am so sorry. Sending you love.
vc2013, you buy one bead for each mama that joins. Then send them to the organizer (me) with a pre paid envelope. Then I send you a bead from each of the others. You can make a necklace or bracelet to wear during labor/birth.
All mamas that want to do the exchange sign up here by May 18th so we xan get a total number of beads to pick.
Sounds good.
Hey mama's. most of us are either 20wks or very close. Yay! I was thinking that we should start thinking about beads. If you want to send beads to me with a pre paid envelope by June 15th that would be awesome. Message me and I will gladly give you the address. One bead for each mama. I dont know how to do a poll to make the count easier. Anyone want to give that a go?
We have had always had our older kids at the birth of their siblings. They are really grounding for me. We have always had a adult there to help out if need be. This time it may be just dh and the kids. Maybe a friend.
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