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Check out meetup.com I've had great luck finding groups on that site.
Wren, I know! They were just bor! It's going soooo fast. Thanks J and J. Lila almost grabbed the hot sauce out of the fridge today when I was wearing her. So quick!
Hi Mamas, I've been MiA for months and months. You might not even remember me! I just went through this post and caught up on all of your beautiful babies. It's so interesting to see the variation on growth in the babies. Both physical and developmental. Lila can roll and roll and just started rocking on hands and knees this week. Yesterday she army-crawled forward! She gags and shudders at any solid food we've tried. STill nurses allllllllll night long. She's...
I have three friends who delivered with both of the teams at psbc. Two were transfers but only because they were each in labor for over 24 hours and there was concern about the baby. The third had a great uneventful delivery and overall good experience. Neither of the transfer mamas have ever spoken about being pressured to transfer. (All three delivered in the last 6 months.)
Lila is three months and a week. Not sure on length but she's over 16 lbs. lots of sounds nowadays and she's experimenting with quiet and suuuuuppper loud screams too! She's getting ready to roll; she puts her feet way up and leans them to the side. Night time is in a good groove of falling asleep around 7 in the Moby then transitioning into bed with us around 9:30. She still nurses every 2-3 hours but it's really quick and she stays asleep the whole time. I'm really...
It's probably around this time of the year that many of us found out we were pregnant. Here's my story:   We had been using FAM for 7 months and on;y trying to conceive for the last three cycles. The first two I would get really antsy and test waaaay to early and then cry when my period came. This month my husband convinced me to at least wait till I was 'late.' So on Oct 31, Halloween, it was the day my period was due. I didn't have ANY signs of it coming, which I had...
Resque, you could use a string to tie around the seat and pull the fabric closet together, to the width of your son's legs. I learned this from a facing out carrier but bet it would work for you.
I LOVE to hold Lila naked and touch her tiny dimpl-ey butt like that!
I just twist the knob straight to rinse. It fills up, agitates a bit, and the spins and drains. Then I add detergent and run a regular load. Finally an extra rinse just like the first step. Clean dipes every time.
I just want to chime in here and remind many that when we (those of us in our late 20's and 30's) got our shots as kids, we had 8 shots by the time we were 5 years old. Now, kids have well over 40 if they follow the recommended schedule. That is a huge difference she shouldn't compare with what 'we' had to justify vaxing our kids.
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