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I'm sorry to hear you had a rough start. Morning sickness is bad but topped with the flu? that's just a night mare.  Good for you though on getting back to it!
There is something about cereal as a night time snack that's just refreshing. I love Froot Loops! And I have to say it's healthier than the krispy kreme donuts that I've been eating LOL
I would keep in mind that you're not as young as you were with your other pregnancies. As we get older our body handles things differently. I would also look at your water intake, salt intake and how much sleep you are getting. If you know that you're doing things the healthy way then I wouldn't worry about the weight gain.  
For me, I could not get the breast pump to work. I had a consultant help me and still it would not work. I ended up manually pumping my milk with my hand. This was easy and very efficient. I breastfed my oldest for 18 months. my two other children, for 12 months and they self weaned. My sister had preeclampsia, her son was born early and the breast pump would not work for her either. I showed her how to manually pump using her hand and she successfully breastfed her son...
i love zumba. I love dancing period.
I love the kettle bell workouts! I've been out of shape for a while am only using a 10# kettlebell, but I get a great workout using it. I also love the photos! Keep them coming! :) 
I'm glad I'm not the only one LOL Oreo's dunked in milk is another thing. I try no to keep such things even IN the house but my husband loves them (he's not even pregnant) and so do the kids. I try to workout to help compensate for my indulgences but that doesn't always happen 
Is there something that you KNOW you probably shouldn't eat or shouldn't eat a lot of but you just can't help it  :) I don't usually love ice cream, but this pregnancy has me eating ice cream sandwiches!!! I try to watch how many I eat but I just crave them. Also I don't usually drink Soda but I find myself wanting that carbonation! Has anyone else been having cravings?
I agree with Lilytiger.  I would tell them and ask them to be discreet. 
I would have her try the Yes to tomato products. Read the ingredients first but I'm pretty sure they're without chemicals. I could be wrong. http://www.yestocarrots.com/category/acne-prone-skin?category_id=0000041&nav_id=0000017
New Posts  All Forums: