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Duh :smackforehead: sorry about that. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/before-you-close-your-eyes-make-sure-theyre-open/#axzz2I6kK8UQx
Thank you. :)
i'm sorry for your loss Planetgreen :(  
This is a great article to read, it explains some things about Melatonin (benefits and dangers) In the end it is all debatable.  You might also want to find out if the reason you suffer from insomnia is because your brain isn't producing enough melatonin. Maybe you can do some research for natural ways to help your brain produce more melatonin. I'm sorry you struggle with Insomnia. Not being able to sleep really sucks because it affects your whole day! Hope you find a...
I hope you enjoy it. Some might like it sweeter or less lemony. you adjust it to your liking. when it starts to get low just keep refilling. Have you ever looked up the benefits of lemon alone? man, combining all three ingredients its packed with cold fighting agents. 
My pregnancies have all been pretty much the same. I've never had m/s too bad, but i'm very very sensitive to smells. Lots of fatigue in the beginning. But its all been pretty much the same. Where you guys ttc? We were on the fence about WHEN to have another one. We use to live in Michigan and we were trying to relocate to New Mexico. The timing didn't seem very good but sometimes you just don't get to choose lol.
Thank you :) 
Thanks. I'm really struggling with boy names this time around. 
Mine are Abigail Joy, Josiah Steven, and Elliana Faith. I like them to be shortened to Abby, Joey and Ellie. If this 4th one is a Girl I think Charlotte Love is what we will name her calling her Charlie or Lottie.
1 finely chopped ginger, 1 lemon sliced thinly with peel and 1 cup of raw honey. Put it all in a jar, leave it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. It will turn into a marmalade and add 1 tsp to hot hot water for tea. It's a old korean recipe, great for flu/cold.
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