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Thank you!!  It makes me so mad at allopathic doctors, which I feel like I can almost never trust what they say!  Or do....:(
Thank you that is so helpful.  Intuitively, I know you are right!
I have three boys, 9, 6, and 3, all intact.  My husband is circumcised so can't really help when I have questions!  I also find that most doctors really don't know enough.  The last time my oldest went to a main stream doctor was 2 years ago.   The doctor said he needed to see how far the foreskin retracts because it should be retracting "soon".  I was in the room, and it was an uncomfortable experience for all of us and the next day a bunch of white stuff came...
This has happened to me before with my first child....when he was two he started having a lot of tooth decay and we got fillings but our dentist at the time would do it quickly while we helped hold him.....eventually we went to see a homeopath because his teeth continued to get worse no matter how much we brushed.  Fast forward 6 years, now I was told my youngest has 4-5 cavities but she wants to send him to a "specialist" (she is a family dentist) where they would...
Thank you for help.  I guess I should try talking to him about it more instead of just trying to avoid it!  He is about to turn 3 in a couple weeks so maybe we can try to make that his end date?   I definitely need to make it a positive thing because right now it's feeling kind of negative.....I just have never had to really make a big issue of it in the past because it just worked out that they stopped.  
I've been nursing for 9 years straight.  Starting with my oldest, who nursed for 3 years, until I gave birth to my second, and the same story for him until I gave birth to my 3rd, 3 years later.  We have co-slept all along, my oldest is now in his own bed, but my almost 6 year old and my almost 3 yo are still in bed.  I am ready to be done with nursing.  I want my boobs back!  The first two naturally weaned through my pregnancy and then didn't want any of the "new milk"...
New Posts  All Forums: