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Does your nightstand have a drawer, where it could have gotten shuffled to the back? Did you carry it somewhere (maybe to the computer, if you're charting there) and lay it down?
That explains why when I was working at an amusement park after high school, driving one of the roller coasters, that almost every train would have someone try to exit on the wrong side! I'd say "Please gather your belongings, exit to the right and down the ramp. Please exit to the right. To the right. Your other right!" I think this is actually pretty common. I almost always know it, but once in a while if I'm distracted I have to do the whole "left hand makes an L"...
I just thought of another one. My best friend's husband eats at the computer. That doesn't bother me. It DOES bother me when we eat Chinese food, and he eats with his hands and then gets grease all over the mouse. GROSS! I make it a point to give him a napkin and remind him to use it every time now. I still have to wipe off the mouse before I use it, though.
OMG, that mosquito sound is horrible!!! I love the feel of hot towels, though.
- from a chapstick addict!
I think Apple recommends Parallells over Bootcamp now, and I've heard very good things about it. You can use your Windows software by running Windows on the MacBook under Parallells, is the way I understand it. And the MacBooks do have Intel inside!
Netspeak Whiny People -as an addendum, people who whine incessantly about things but then refuse to do anything to improve them! People who call before 9:30 am on weekends. Everyone knows I'm a night person, and weekends are my time to catch up on sleep. Only having 1 week paid vacation. That's not nearly enough! The way my best friend gets irritated with me when I can't come over right when she wants me to, or I don't want to do what she wants me to do. WHY do I...
I also like that the Carmax was clean, bright, well organized - it's kind of like walking into a Best Buy for cars, but nicer. Every time we've walked in the door we've been greeted by a friendly, but not pushy, salesperson.
My parents have, my sister has, and I almost did (but another dealership came through with a deal I couldn't turn down). It depends on the location, but I found the people there to be very friendly and helpful, and the service was great and non-pushy even when I cancelled my out-of-town order the next day. My family has declared more than once that we'll just go straight there next time we need a used car, and not deal with the pushy annoying dealership salesmen. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by MSAX I ETA: The usps web site states that all mailboxes in the US are federal property. So, unless you are Canadian, it is illegal. The USPS then owes me $70. : If they own the mailboxes, they should PROVIDE the mailboxes. That sounds ridiculous to me. What's next, the FCC will claim to own all the radios in the US? I'd put it in their mailbox. I don't think it's rude, and don't care if it's illegal. They keep...
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