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Wow that first article is amazingly helpful. Thanks for those.
Sorry for all the typos I hope it makes sense. My kindle is hard to type on.
I actually have a whole corner of my house dedicated to school type things. Workbooks, a chalk board, dry earase boards, books tons of books. I even have counting bears, just s bunch of learning tools ive bought for help in easing my girls before I gave hs a thought. Now that I think about it I have essentially been doing it all along. Both of my girls are pretty advanced for their ages and I like to think it'd because of all the time ive spent teaching them so far. I am...
Thank you Pollyanna. I still need to talk to her about it all. I feel like she may be against the girls being hs it makes me nervous. I just need to put on my big girl pants and talk to her about it all. Especially if I am going to have her help me with it. But knowing someone else out there is successfully working full time and hsing makes me feel more inclined to do it.
Ok first off I have never posted and am completely new here. I am in Texas where, thank the good Lord above homeschooling is so easy to do. From what I've read in. My current situation is that my husband and I have full time jobs. He works 7am to 4 pm I work 10 am to 6 pm. Our DD's are aged 4 & 2. Our 4 yr old will be 5 soon and will start school this year. I have been thinking though that I want to homeschool them. Daycare isn't an issue my mother in law watches them...
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