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Cute Belly pics! Freckledmama my belly looks more like leftover baby weight too.. just pushed out further. Can't wait until it looks more firm and rounded
Serena, I just cooked dinner for the first time in weeks tonight after having been too nauseas... I hope its a good sign!
Freckledmama - Thank you for your Papaya enzyme recommendation, I will pick some up ASAP
SuzieSmiles - Belly bands of any sorts is the first thing that came to mind for me, but what about maternity pants with the short elastic waste? or Even yoga pants with a supportive elastic band around it. I have a pair that pushes up on my belly.
CutiePatootie - I think Nichola is a pretty way to represent your brother's name... sorry to hear about your loss.
Freckledmama thanks for sharing that... That's what I told DH. They may put it together initially, but I think it would be quickly forgotten.
Cereal and yogurt have been staples for me. Everything else is in the moment if I can stomach it. It's 9am and I REALLY want tacos or mashed potatoes. Broccoli sounds good too actually.
Ooh I love the names so far. For us, if its a boy it will be the name we chose my first pregnancy (we didn't find out gender for dd) Collin Philip. For a girl I really like Molly, but DH's grandma had a dog named Molly for many years and he thinks his family will make a big deal about it.
Thanks for the info bohemianmama and oceansolitude. I'll definitely look further into it.
OtherSoul- I have TERRIBLE heartburn too. It got to the point that I was in fetal position at night. A nurse at my midwife's office suggested Pepcid ac, but I've been finding that a small glass of milk every few hours is the only thing really helping.
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