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Not sure about your 2nd question but for the first question, I park close to the cart corral (still do, my boys are 3). Put one in the seat and carried one in the Beco.
Quote: Originally Posted by SaoirseC I think AP mammas "respond to every cry" because crying is the only powerful way an infant can communicate its needs, and being AP is all about trusting the infant and meeting her/his needs in an effort to establish trust. Quote: Originally Posted by Tway Isn't AP a way of parenting that puts baby first and works for the whole family? Seems a lot more logical that one strict set of "rules"...
Found something from BW itself. It's a pdf file: http://www.ezzotruth.com/downloads/H...s-Babywise.pdf The last paragraph talks about how AP is another name for those theories.
I was reading it and I was thinking "WHAT in the WORLD is he even talking about?" :
I was curious about BW so I read it. It was horrible but I ran into something I've never heard of. Wondering if anyone had any insight?? Ezzo claims that AP is based on neoprimitivisitic school of child care and birth womb trauma, which is why mothers who are AP respond to every cry. Does anyone have any info on this?
Quote: Originally Posted by bcblondie I just wanted to say, that if he does have it, he'll be ok. My DH has NF. Hundreds of bumps all over his body. He's had some removed, as the the big ones are painfull when hit, but otherwise they don't bother him at all. He's fully functional in every other way. It hasn't affected his vision or anything. He does also have teh learning disability that about half of those with NF have. But worked his hardest in school...
I did We did have a few issues at the beginning (one of my twins refused to latch and took close to 2 months for him to latch). After we worked out those issues, I nursed them without any bottles at all.
I'll share what I did. I had to put limits on my twin boys because they'd nurse all.the.time if I didn't. I was feeling touched out, so I felt that this was a good compromise-they could nurse but on my terms. -I would count to 10 and tell them no more nah nahs after I got to 10 (or singing a song could work too) They weren't happy about it but they finally got the hang of it and would even unlatch themselves before I got to 10 -Lots of distractions. I'd avoid the place...
Just thought I'd update.. I think I can say that Ronin is weaned! He hasn't nursed or asked for nah nahs since I posted this. Even he sees his twin brother nursing, he won't nurse..
I'm sorry about your frustrations Two of my kids have had neuropsych evaluations and has always seen the neuropsych. My daughter's seen her twice (3 years and 6 years) and it's always been with the neuropsych.
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