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DD#1 @ 40w was 8 lbs 12 oz Twins were born @ 34w2d: DS#1 4 lbs 11 oz DS#2 5 lbs 12 oz
Thanks Katie. He actually nursed but only for a few seconds. It was like, he latched and then unlatched immediately. I wonder how long til he loses that ability to latch?
My twins are 3 years and 8 months. One of my boys I *think* has finally weaned. He'll ask for nah nah but then try to twiddle my nipple. Or, he'll pretend to nurse (and is silly about it) He hasn't nursed in about a month or so. Is it safe to say that he's weaned? Is it normal that he still asks for "nah nah" but doesn't nurse? My other twin boy still only nurses once a day but he nurses for a long time, until I count to 10 and then he's done..
I don't know if it would be related to the NF but my husband has NF1 and he has migraines. He's had them since he was very young. As far as OG's go, my daughter also has NF1 and has an optic glioma but has never had any pain associated with hers. Are you guys seen by an NF clinic or does he not have that option since he hasn't been formally diagnosed? With two of my kids having NF, I'd be worried too!
I'm another one who didn't fart rainbows. My daughter was 3 at the time when we found out we were having twins. To be honest, I was TERRIFIED. I wasn't happy or overjoyed when we found out. You're definitely not alone! Oh and the stupid comments from strangers "Are they 'paternal' twins?" "Do twins run in your or your husband's family?" I don't have time to educate them on twinning, so I just nod my head yes and go on my merry way :
Also, I forgot to mention that my other son's foreskin hasn't started to retract either. Is this something to be concerned with?
My twin boys are 3. I noticed that on one of my boys, the foreskin seems to be separating, and the head seems to be more noticeable if that makes sense? There's a bit of blood there too. And of course, I know not to retract it.. I am not familiar at all with uncirc'ed penises and how retraction works. Can someone explain to me what happens?
Hi there. Two of three of my kids have NF1, as does my husband. My 7 year old DD has a large plexiform fibroma and an optic glioma, ADHD and other struggles. My son just has the "stigmata of NF" and is developmentally delayed. Though we do have some struggles, I am very grateful that their cases are fairly mild.
Subbing. My daughter hasn't been dx with Dysgraphia but the school acknowledges that she does have lots of handwriting issues. She will be using a keyboard in 3rd or 4th grade (she'll be in 2nd grade this coming up year). Also looking for keyboarding programs.
Hearing about what a great response you got for nursing your 3 year old just really made my day! Although, I'm sorry to hear that she has rotavirus and is in the hospital. Poor baby. I hope she feels better and mama's milk helps her recover quickly!
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