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Yay! I can't wait to see it! My mom actually wants to see it with me, and she's very mainstream. I wonder what her reaction will be, heh heh.
That is so wonderful!!
Thank you for the info. She hasn't been officially evaluated for SPD because she's coped with it (she tucks her ear lobe into her ear canal). But it doesn't work for the cafeteria and that's where she struggles. She's been startled by loud sounds at school and she's told the teacher that it bothers her. We had an ARD yesterday and she wants to work with me after I told her that I suspect that she has sensory issues. Her other issue is clothing. She likes things on...
I have a daughter who's 7 1/2. She has some sensory issues but I'm not sure if it's SPD. She's very very sensitive to sound. At her school, she has a very difficult time in the cafeteria due to the loud sounds. And of course, as she gets older, there are going to be situations where she will have to encounter noises, etc. Are there ways to help her cope? ETA: A friend of mine suggested deep breathing. Would that help kids with sensory issues?
Another one that's in the same boat. I lost 60 lbs before I got pregnant with my twin boys. I'm 3 1/2 years PP after my boys and on the losing weight journey again. There are some big difference between this time and last time.. My stomach pooches out more and my hips are wider. The clothes I could wear around the same point don't fit. It's frustrating for sure..
Quote: Originally Posted by Intertwined I disagree that babies at 9 pounds are ready to sttn. My son was BORN at 9 pounds! I believe it is quite individual. I allow my babies to demand nurse at night until a year and then I put some limits on them (like 11pm-5am was good for us until they were older, not counting illnesses). That being said, it's not for everyone and I DID hurt bad from being so tired. It was WAY easier to keep that up with one baby...
: These are cute! I'm nursing my 3 year old twin boys. For some reason, they both prefer my left breast. I giggle when they fight over who's "turn" it is for my left breast : "My turn!" "No! MY turn!" :
Hi, I'm Celeste and have 3 kids: Kalynn, 7: Neurofibromatosis Type 1. She has a large plexiform tumor underneath her tongue which raises up her tongue to the left side. Causes some articulation problems. Has an optic glioma (tumor on her optic nerve). She also has severe ADHD-combination type. I am pretty sure she has some sensory issues. She also has some visual processing problems which causes issues with her handwriting, which I'm trying to get her help now....
It's interesting that this topic is here. My son is 3 and has NF1 (as does dad and sister). He has some developmental delays-cognitive, speech, motor. No one has said why but I've wondered if it was because of the NF. Do you have an NF clinic near you? We go to one in Dallas (Children's Medical Center).
I didn't use cloth with newborns, but I did use them when my boys were 6 months old. I had the same concerns and in fact, said I wouldn't use cloth. I ended up changing my mind because of the crazy amount of disposables we were going through. I also have an older daughter; she was 4 when they were born. It isn't too bad once you get into a routine with them. I mostly used PF's and pockets (preferred OS because I liked the way they could fit around my boys' body types)
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