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I saw the one with Ava. I could not stand her whining! I would NOT let my daughter wear a dress like that.
I have two half sisters. I was close to one of my sisters, because we were raised together. That all changed when I had my daughter, when she belittled me for nursing. So, since then, we aren't that close anymore. My other half sister weren't raised together. I tried getting closer to her, but to no avail. It's kinda hard when it's all one sided and she doesn't want to even give anything.
Hey guys! I'm Celeste, I'm Hispanic and DH is white. We have a two year old little girl
It is so frustrating to hear that bad advice that some medical professionals are giving to new mothers. A lot of new moms are being told to supplement. Some have even been told to put them on schedules! My mom was told that she was told to put my brother on a schedule because he was nursing every two hours. I told her that that is completely normal.
Lissy, OMG I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I was PISSED. And how is this any different from an adult eating?? So frustrating.
At 12 months, I offered DD some cow's milk, but she preferred bf'ing, so I just left it that way. At 17 months when she weaned herself, I gave her cow's milk.
Hello, I'm new to the boards. My daughter, Kalynn, has Neurofibromatosis type 1. She has a plexiform tumor that is 6 cm long underneath her tongue, and bilateral optic gliomas. For right now, we are doing MRI's every 6 months to watch things. Right now, everything is stable.
Hello there! My name is Celeste. I am a SAHM to Kalynn, who is two. DH is a special ed teacher, he works with kids with Autism. This year he's working with ADL. I am sure I know some of you guys, so hello!! I know for sure Lissy's here! Thanks again for your help!
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