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Glad another thread is up! My DD is 7. I'm pretty sure that Kalynn has something sensory. She was diagnosed with ADHD by 3 different doctors, so I'm not sure if it truly is ADHD or if it's just SPD or if it's both. I brought up her sensory issues with the neuropsych but she thought it was part of her ADHD. Anyway, it's getting frustrating lately because I feel like hardly anyone is taking me seriously. I get the "everyone has sensory issues" bit quite a lot. YES, I...
Thanks for the input. It just gives me more "confidence" to have her evaluated..I wasn't sure if this was typical behavior for sensory issues. I'm going to also report this to the OT as well. Meg, I definitely do let her do most of the things on her own. I found that it really helps with the fits. I brushed her hair this time because it was a lot of tangles. We were going out to eat so she did have to get dressed (and usually at home, she refuses to wear clothes, so...
I am going to get my 7 YO DD evaluated hopefully soon. She was diagnosed with ADHD but she has quite a bit of sensory issues. Anyway, my question is, are meltdowns common with kids with sensory issues? Today in particularly was pretty bad. I had to brush her hair (one of the things that she hates). As I was brushing her hair, as gently as I could, she was crying and screaming. You'd think I was beating her After I finally got done with her hair, I asked that she get...
I'm sure it depends on the personalities, but for me, my 3 year old twins are SO much harder than my singleton daughter-keeping them out of things, the destructiveness, just the logistics of everything.
Where in the DFW area are you in?
I am SO glad that this thread is here!!! I'm Celeste and I have 3 year old twin boys (they turned 3 in October). I am so ready to wean them. I know that I've done well, we had overcome problems-prematurity, nipple preference-and never have thought in a million years that I'd be able to breastfeed twins exclusively. But, I'm ready, and have been ready for a looong time. I've put limits on them but they love their nah nahs. I can't sit down without them wanting to...
Do any of your kids do strange things when they walk? My 7 YO DD walks with her hands up to her chest, folded down, if that makes sense. We're not sure why she does that, not sure if it's sensory related, or what.
Nope, no twins on my side. We weren't trying for twins, we were trying for "one more" : No fertility meds here either. I'm not sure if this has anything with me "dropping" 2 eggs, but not even a month before, I had a m/c (blighted ovum). I never got a period but was pregnant within a few weeks of the m/c. But then again, I'm not sure if that was a factor in me having fraternal twins..
Yeah, my twin boys were just like that. If it were up to them, they'd nurse alllll day. With us, if one was nursing, the other HAD to nurse. I felt very touched out. I ended up having to put some limits on them, or sometimes, DH just had to take over for a bit. They're three now, and nursing 1-2x's a day, which is a lot better than it has been before
Wow, I'm just seeing this thread! My daughter is 7 years old and I feel like she has SPD. She was diagnosed with ADHD, and I'm not sure if she has ADHD and SPD or SPD. What you ladies have been describing is soooooo similar to my daughter. Clothes, crowds, hygiene. What's really frustrating is that my aunts aren't very understanding. She shuts down when she's around them, they're loud, and try to talk to her and hug her. Anyway, I'm glad this thread was started..
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