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My lil man is getting to be to big for his 5 point car seat and I was wondering when I should switch him to a booster seat he's only 2 and is the size of a 3-4 year old in height I feel like he would sit in one better because in his 5 point hes always trying to climb out and I cant a just it to go any higher then it does. please help
My Lil man Is climbing out of his crib so we are switching to a toddler bed my biggest concerns is how am I going to keep him in it when he goes to bed. He's very stubborn like his daddy and persistent as well so I know I'm in for some long nights ahead of me/us. Is there anything I can do to make this switch easier??
hes 23 months and if he doesnt take a nap he gets mean at about 4 pm til the time i put him to bed
My son has figured out how to climb out of his crib i did the whole turn it around thing and thats not working out so well. I have 2 other kids and i try to keep bed time at the same time for everyone but when he dont nap he goes to bed a little earlyer then the other 2. if i lay on the floor next to the crib he stays in it but my body cant take laying in the room til he falls asleep if i sit in there he just thinks its play time please help i dont know what to do
Thank you i plan on getting the book asap i just hopes it works for us
I should have also posted its not just a bed time its also anytime he gets a moment alone he takes his clothes off he just dont want to keep them on at all
when my son is put down for a nap or bed at night he takes off all his clothes and diaper I have tryed safetypinning the zipper on his pjs and putting pins in his diapers he just takes them out hes to smart and no matter what i do he takes his clothes and diaper off and its not just because his diapers are dirty because 9 times out of 10 i just put a clean one on him and he takes it off or he fights me to put one on he 21 months and im going to be starting potty training...
Ok everyone im stumped on this one so any help would be great. My 21 month old doesnt sleep its not just at nap time is at bed time to i put him to bed at the same time everynight unless he didnt take a nap and some days he goes right to sleep but most nights he wants to be up til 12-1am and this is even on nights were he didnt take a nap. I NEED HELP with this one because i have tryed everything i can think of
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