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No, I hadn't heard of them. I will check it out. Thanks :)  
well today was pretty good, I made lasagna and salad for dinner and hubby comes home tomorrow. I am starting to get excited about having another squishy to snuggle in the fall.
I am lucky that he will be home tomorrow, but it still sucks that he is out of town. I told him I was pregnant on Tuesday evening and he had to leave early Wednesday morning.... wonder if his brain is still scrambled?  
Planning another homebirth- not sure if it will be unassisted this time. My hubby is a great catcher though
honestly, it's been a rough day. Was awake-ish since 3 this morning(had to pee...again), had to get up at four to take hubby to work then back to take oldest to school. It felt like a really long day and my other three kids were go-go-go ALL day. just found out I was preggo yesterday... it was a bit of a shock honestly. Had big argument with oldest daughter today about her lack of responsibility(she is 11). I feel kinda bad but know I can't back down or she won't learn...
1. Amber 2. EDD- 10-14-2013 3. How long TTC- HA! There's the funny part, we have four kids....this one pregnancy was about as big of a surprise as they get :) 4. Right now we live on the east coast, but are hoping to move back to Kansas. 5. We have four kids 6. Doula, homeschool mom. 7. I am hoping for a healthy baby and will be happy with either sex :)
Hello all! I am a Doula and a Childbirth Educator living in Wilmington, NC. I specialize in teen pregnancy and offer free services to teens. Here is a little bit about me and why I decided to be a doula:   I was a Doula for the first time for my best friend and I LOVED it! It was an energizing and awe inspiring experience; second only to my experience in labor. It is a  precious gift to witness a woman in all her glory, bring a life into this world and an honor to...
New Posts  All Forums: