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Congratulations to you both 100%Mom & AngelKissedKids !
Although i read to my DD she's not at the age where she understands what books are yet, but 90% of the books i have for her are rhyming ones as well. I dont have any suggestions for books his age that dont rhyme, but i appreciate you naming a few. all the rhyming books kind of get to me after a while, so thanks
Thanks everyone Good luck to the rest of you TTC. hopefully it is contageous & you all get to see some PPTs this month !
Took a test today. Turns out I'm pregnant after TTC #2 the 1rst month again, just like #1 Please move me to Success, Due: Sep 28
i guess it's more possible than i thought. i took a test this morning and turns out #2 is on the way after just one try. thanks
Try not to stress ! have faith good luck
I live in Canada, our health care is free, not quite sure how yours works but have you ever tried researching free clinics ? maybe just talking to a doctor would give you a better idea of what you should do. if thats not an option then keep researching natural remodys
I nursed and was producing excessive amounts of milk so I was pupming constantly aswell. when it was time to leave the hospital after my DD was born, i needed a COOLER to store the milk in to transport it all home... yet mine came back right away, which sucked for me. i guess its just different for all women. you never really know what to expect
Our LO is only 6 mons, so a lil wait wouldn't be an issue for us. But we'd be very happy if baby #2 was on the way. So either was is okay I'm just impaitent and feel like i need to know everything. not knowing is killing me.
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