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I'm going to the doctors in the morning! I'll keep you updated on what they say.
I'm new here and don't know all the slang yet so bear with me. I'm 21 and my hubby is 24 we have been together since I was 14. We got married when I was 18 and we have been trying to conceive off an on. We have sex pretty regular. In November we had sex when I was ovulating and I started what seemed like a normal but light period. A few days after I went out of state and I stayed on that period for almost a month but it was really likght and most of the time brown or very...
Sorry to hear! Hopefully you will have luck this go around. Are you taking prenatal vitamins they really help or at least take folic acid its a vitamin and it supports the reproductive system and its only like 3 bucks at Walmart
I'm new here I dont all the slang that well but here's my story. Me and my hubby are tcc for a while now. We have sex regularly like almost everyday. I went to out of state for a month the whole month I was spotting a little and had like brown spotting as well it never really stopped till a few days before I got back.my moms friend told me some girls bleed like that there first trimester. I don't have sore boobs but I do feel a little sick from time to time through out...
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