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I've decided to go with my family to the beach this summer which will be around a month after my due date. The ride will be about 7 hours long. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to travel with a newborn ? I'm not so much worried about when we get there because I'll have lots of family members around to help but I want to make sure the car ride goes as smoothly as I can manage. This is our first child and I will be breastfeeding so any advice would be...
Ok Thank Goodness!..This is my first little one so I'm constantly being surprised by all the little fun things that happen along the way :) The alien bulge has probably been the strangest !
Hi Ladies! I just joined the group and I have a rather odd question about movement...   I'm 21 weeks and I started feeling the kicks last week right before my 20 week ultrasound..right after that, the movements became more powerful pretty quickly and I've been able to actually see it happening from the outside. Welp.. The other night after having intercourse, I looked down and saw this giant lump down around the lower right side just above my pubic hair. It's one...
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