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Hi, thanks for the response. I didn't have sex 48 hours after I missed the pill but I did have it 4 days after. It's been a week and a half since I took the two the same day and today I started feeling a little crampy. If I don't get AF by next week I will definitely test. Ugh, I need to get on the combo pill. This is too nerve wrecking.
I am on the mini pill now and am nervous I might be prego again. I am feeling nauseous and am getting slight headaches. Idk if it nerves or the chance of being pregnant or the pill itself. I am not Bfing anymore and missed an entire day of the pill. I took two the following day and then just continued like normal. I have always been very good about taking it the same time every day except this one time. Do you think my chances of getting pregnant were high that week?
Hi all, I am new on here and have a question regarding the mini pill. I am 4 months PP and am not BFing anymore. I had a PPP that lasted 10 days. The 3rd day after it had stopped I missed one day of the mini pill and just took two the following day and then continued to take it reguarly - i have always been good about taking it the same time every day, except that one day. 3 days later we DTD... I still am not sure what my cycle is cuz I bled for so long PP ... But my...
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