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We drink tap water. I like the taste of our city water, but I am aware of the un-ideal quality. Anyone ever made a homemade water filter system? I bet there is a simple way to make a pitcher style system with charcoal or something similar. Is reverse osmosis the only way to remove flouride? Any thoughts?
Sounds like he is asking you for comfort and to ease his hunger, as you have said. Sometimes easy babys need to make a bigger fuss to get the attention they need, and it sounds like he has done just that. I hope you have him sleeping somewhere close enough to you so that you both can keep communicating at night, as these changes in sleep and needs are a real and important constant in the life of baby and mama!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! This stuff makes me nuts! My mother initiated a text message debate with me yesterday after she had listened to a typically fear and hate filled radio debate about vaccines- " individual choice vs. public safety" Go no further. The game is Black/ White. Selfish/Selfless. Wrong/Right. It is a losing game.
I am gaining great insight here; thanks folks! Still no bun in the oven here, but Spring sure gets my hormones flowing. I just can't quite imaging sharing my arms with another babe yet. I think a little baby doll present for my son's second birthday will be good practice for both of us.
Perhaps there are some games or play you could instigate on or against the fence to allow him to play out his feelings or make better connections. - decorate and tie on some wooden shapes with string to the fence - attach a mini basket ball hoop - bang on the fence with sticks Toddlers can be so sensitive to changes in their environment. I wouldn't pressure him to like it, but I would empathize and talk to him about it along with some gentle exposure to the space.
Any suggestions for an ethically made and anatomically correct baby boy dolly?
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I thought I would tap the wonderfully rich resource of mama wisdom here to help me come up with some lovely 2nd birthday present options for my son. My family is asking what he might like. I think they might be able to spend 50 dollars all together. My son doesn't get many presents, so I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to get him something high quality, fun and special! Some of his interests: - He loves trucks, and I am on the lookout for a nice one that...
I ended up giving birth on my bed. My midwife arrived as I ready to birth, and she asked me to move there from the bathroom floor where I had been during transition. I think she wanted me to get to the bed so that I would be more comfortable, and so she could set up her gear there. I'd recommend getting your space set up for as many birth-y situations as you could possibly want to use; couch, tub, bed, floor, bathroom, etc. You will probably move around quite a bit during...
Truly awesome Viola P.! Thank you for sharing your experience. Birth is sacred and full of real power, and I believe the medical model deeply fears that.
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