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I am so afraid that they will deny me. I just had my third baby and my mind is just not focused enough. They are tough here, and I think that having a lawyer assist me will "almost" guarentee no problems. And also ease my mind. Last year I tried to get Gary Krasner to review my letter, but he would not. I just want it done right.
My son will be going to Kindergarten in the Fall.  I wrote his Rel Exemption letter last year, after pouring through tons of information that I received from Gary Krasner.  I have been following him for 3+ years.  I submitted it last year and it was fine for preschool.   Now that he is going to NYC public, I am terrified.  I opened my letter and do not feel confident.  i want someone to back me.  I found Patricia Finn's number in one of these blogs, referred by a...
Can anyone here say that they used the attorney Patricia Finn??
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