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Team Viddy- thanks so much!! I have never done acupuncture before but would be interested to hear if you do.. Good luck and hope it works! 😃 Conifer- thanks.. I am super excited!☺ Happy belated birthday. Also I think sometimes taking time for yourself and not worrying about anything will help you relax and then be in that place where needed to be, and then baby will just pop up!! If that makes any sense.... 😉 Just Jenny- thanks so much!! You have very cute dogs!!
ConiferOD- yes I tested again this morning. I'm thinking its a BFP!!! So excited😃
Hi everyone, I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis.. I'm 31 and am having my third child in October 2013.... Just found out I'm four weeks. When I had my first two, 11 and 10 years ago I had no idea whether or not I had this. I had no problems with my lab values back then but did have a difficult pregnancy with my first. (Not due to my thyroid) however I called my Endo right when I thought I might be pregnant and told him I want to be tested every 4 weeks (cause that is what...
Thanks sparklemaman and starfish11!! I will check out the DD clubs.
Oops.. Sorry the pic is upside down
Hello ladies, my name is Kim and we are TTC #3 also. My daughter is 11 and son 10. This will be our last baby so I'm really looking forward to enjoying the pregnancy. I'm 13dpo today and have taken two tests, one yesterday evening and one this morning. I think it got a little darker since last night so I'm thinking positive!! Can't hardly wait to tell my kids!! Tell me what you think ladies.. Please! Dying for someone else to talk to about this besides my husband
So I got a slight bfp at 12dpo... Hope it's right!! What do u all think?? Eager for advice!! I took it at 5pm even tho I know I should in the am... Also I have been having cramps for past two hours...
nice to meet u. I'm currently in my last semester of nursing school.
I wouldn't wait for a year, I would call my OB doctor and talk with a nurse about what's going on, and maybe go in for an appointment to make sure it's nothing else. It is always a good idea to go to your doctor before TTC, they need to make sure everything is healthy. Also, I took birth control for many, many years as well and when I got off it I had no problems with my period. Keep your head up and try not to be too stressed about getting prego... You are still very...
Have you tried getting a blood test? Also some people skip periods because of stress of hormonal imbalances.
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