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I know this threat is a little old, but I felt it important I share my story.   We adopted a 1 year old Labradoodle from a shelter in 2011. He had gotten "caught up" on his vaccines at the shelter. Within two days of bringing him home, we realized he was sick. Runny nose, lethargy, and he would not eat. They told us it was probably a form of kennel cough, gave us some meds, insisted on a Bordetella shot, and sent us home. He got MUCH sicker. He would not eat, started...
Now that you say something.... my employer never hires more than 15 people at a time. :S 
Im new here.. and I need to rant.    told my employer some two weeks ago that I was pregnant. I do not have an easy job. It includes physical labor and heavy lifting. My employer and I agreed that I would work till the end of this month full time, and finish next month on a part time schedule. I was supposed to be transitioned to a more pregnancy friendly and safe job title, but meanwhile, I had expected I would get some leniency in performing some more of the...
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