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Hi I just delivered my daughter. I'll write a longer story later. I have a quick question about cord cutting I clamped n cut the cord but I see a little bit of blood coming out from the cutting. What can I do? It's more of a smear than a flow. Thx in advance
Hi, Cynthia Yes it is for my area. :) East Bay area in California   Angela
I post this on Jan 16 2013.    I just want to summarize what I've found calling the office today. I hope it may help someone who need this.    Below shows the documents you need to prepare before register the birth. You can call at 510-267-8075 when you have any question.   http://www.acphd.org/media/96185/home_birth_appt_docs.pdf   1) if you are married you don't need to sign up "decalaration of parternity and acknowledgement of paternity". The...
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