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Many thanks for the reminder!
Just wanted to share this beautiful post on The Motherlode blog of the New York Times, written by a rabbi and mother. She writes: I just really loved this and needed to share. Enjoy! You can find the full post here. 
Just read a really great article at Salon.com, School is a prison- and Damaging our Kids, written by Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College. He has recently written a book about self-directed learning.    He writes:        He goes on to share the results of studies he has conducted measuring the success of children who have been educated in alternative ways.    He concludes:       It's a great article. You can find the whole thing here. 
The internet has been abuzz with a spate of recent articles about teenage sexuality and sleepovers.    There's this article in the New York Times.   This one on Slate.com.   This one on The Huffington Post.    And, this one on Salon.com   Most of the articles compare the way Americans handle teenagers and sex with the way it is handled in Europe, specifically The Netherlands and Denmark. It is very interesting to note the difference in teenage...
An article in The Guardian cites a recently concluded Spanish study determined that cancer rates could be cut if many more women breastfed.            A link to the article is here.
Just read this interesting and humorous article about how Children's Menus came to exist in restaurants.    It begins:      You can read the full article here. 
Just came across this article on US News and World Report, which says the key to raising smart and happy kids is taking a cue from the attributes of dolphins, who are playful, social, and intelligent.        Shawn Anchor, a happiness researcher, has a new book coming out about the topic, as well as a TED talk that is apparently hilarious and insightful. There is a link the in the article, which you can read here. 
Just read an interesting post on Salon.com in which the writer wonders if our obsession with milestones and fear of autism is reasonable.    She writes:     It also has a link to an article about the possible over-diagnosis of autism.     You can read the article here.
When did stepping outside after giving birth become  a woman debuting her body? The whole circus surrounding the birth of the newest British royal has been completely infuriating, but nothing has irked me more than this headline and article from the Huffington Post.     I was disgusted with the great royal womb watch and I'm disgusted with this. Of course, it's not only her but every single woman who is even mildly well-known and gives birth. The first time a paparazzo...
Is "mainstream" medicine finally catching on?   This article appears in the New York TImes today.        Find the full article with a link to the new study here. 
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