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My milk volume can really change dependent on how much water I drink. I never tried but there are also supplements like fenugrek to increase milk. The only other thing I can think of is a tongue or lip tie which could cause him to not be transferring the milk efficiently. Or maybe hopefully he is perfectly fine and just a little peanut and hasn't hit the growth spurt yet.
Did they use Cdc charts which is more formula fed babies or who which are more breastfed it makes a difference if you want to look it up and see if it changes things for you? Is your lo still having lots of wet and poppy diapers. Sorry it didn't go well
My son was able to eventually stretch out his tonguetie. With lots of discomfort on my part and his wasn't one of the worst levels.Some babies are never able to and end up with speech issues when they are older if it isnt clipped. So you may or may not be able to tell with your daughter. There are several recognized types of ties and some are harder to see then others if they haven't seen that type before. My ped didn't think he had one at first but later agreed with...
How did the appointment go?
I second the guess of a tongue tie or a lip tie. My son had one. As faras pumping I haven't tried that many times because ds refuses a bottle but the times I have I have gotten very little and my son is a little chunk at almost six months so there is plenty of milk just didn't want to pump out . I have also heard when you are stressed you get less pumping and it sure sounds like what you were going through was stressful.
I also wanted to say i get it I was jealous of the chunky babies as well but since that growth spurt I started to get comments about my son being s chunk which made me incredibly happy.You are a good mom you changed your diet to help him out and are looking into ways to help him now. Don't be hard on yourself.
My son did have a bigger gain between 2 and four months but it was still on the lower end. I somehow can't think of the actual numbers even though it just happened mommy brain. But then he had a big gain right after his appointment with s growth spurt so maybe your lo just hasn't hit the growth spurt yet. And the difference between scales could also be abig part of it.they could easily be different by a pound or more.
I am very lucky to have a pediatrician who respects our choices for our son. We have chosen to selectively vaccinate and delay. Which i find to be the hardest if we were completely against or for i feel like i could stop researching like a crazy lady. What we think our plan for now is dtap at 6 months based on pediatrician recommendation of doing before he is mobile and playing outside. Hopefully skipping some all together (ex if he gets wild chickenpox before 12). And...
I have heard it usually is a food allergy to something you are eating. The most common culprit is a dairy allergy.
My little guy has his first cold he is 4 months old and ebf. I know his nursing will help him get healthier faster but I have heard that beast milk can be used in other ways. Such as up his nose to loosen mucus, in his ears to prevent an ear infection and in his eye to help with crusty. Had anyone tried these do they work? Anything I am missing? I haven't tried any yet looking for feedback thanks!
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