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Huge race differences in the US on breastfeeding.  Certainly distinct norms based on different subcultures in our society. There's a socio-economic distinction as well (higher classes typically = higher breastfeeding rates and duration).   E.g., http://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/resources/breastfeeding-trends.htm   Jeez, I can't seem to recall how to start a new thread either - sorry!
Agreed that the stretchy wrap wouldn't be the best investment after the first few months.  My little guy lived in our Boba when he was a newborn but we were firmly moved into the Ergo by 6 months and could have done that sooner, I'm sure.  I say look into a different kind of carrier if now isn't an option - the stretchy wraps tend to stretch too much once the babe gets bigger.
Well, like all things baby-sleep related, it worked itself out eventually. He's 16 months now and sleeps pretty well.   In hindsight I think it was one of two things: 1) teething (though I kinda doubt it) 2) too early of a bedtime.  I think he may have been treating that first sleep cycle as a nap.  I think if I'd have just gotten him up and started to play (or whatever), then put him to bed an hour later, that might have worked.   There are other people reporting a...
I believe the TSA's current policy is leaving baby in a carrier is a-okay, but of course if you set off the metal detector, a pat down is coming your way.   I love the Ergo for this.  We still took a stroller and used it to carry all our stuff while I 'wore' the little guy.
Whatever she responds to is okay.  My guy could hardly be put down at that age, but I'd have sure appreciated some floor time for him!  Let your babe lead the way!
I used to stress about this like crazy.  Then I too adopted the strategy of if babe's unhappy, offer boob.  I figured either way I'm going to be doing something to try to make him happy, so if it works, why not?   If he didn't require eating or sucking, wearing him in my Boba wrap tended to ward off the fussies. The paci strategy seems like a reasonable approach too.
I liked the Boba, which is very similar to the Moby, when my guy was itty bitty.
I didn't read all the posts, so sorry if this has been said (and I'm prepared to dodge internet tomatoes): Given him a pacifier.  When my guy was born I was completely against the pacifier, but come hour 24 of his life when all he wanted to do was nurse (literally every second he wasn't nursing he was crying, and in the hospital co-sleeping wasn't an option they allowed, so 1 minute of sleep for me meant he had to be off the boob).  At the nursery nurse's advice I gave him...
I think it's crazy to consider ending, or risking, a valuable relationship over this.  She was polite. He's 3 - how often does he nurse?  Why not just nurse him before or after you hang out with them, or if he has a meltdown and must nurse when you're with them, take him into another room.  I suspect he won't require an explanation, unless you make a big deal out of it.  I wouldn't ask them to leave the room you're in, since that would be more of a production.
HA!  This screams of best laid plans....   If anyone had told me how little sleep I'd get once I had a baby, I wouldn't have had a baby.  Thank god I had no idea, because he's SOOOOO worth the sleepless nights.   My 12 month old is a terrible sleeper, and I only nurse at bedtime and in the morning.  Even if you can avoid the nighttime human pacifier issue, it's no guarantee you won't be up with your babe constantly.  Like others have said, you just have to wait and...
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