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  There are an abundance of medical practices and procedures-and ever increasing-which are used and highly popular and considered better than letting nature take its course despite their being elective. I had my wisdom teeth extracted, my SIL had ablation for heavy bleeding Etc.  You want to have an ideological argument.  There is no need to make it something else.   I'm well aware of the risks of cesareans.  You are missing the point of my scenario.  Furthermore, the...
  First off, congratulations on your positive drug free birth and healthy bebe.  In a situation that can get scary like childbirth, women need your positive experiences like yours in their minds to know that it's possible.  It seems that you, like me, tend to make decisions based mostly on personal experiences and, in absence of that, on objective information where you can find it.  
  I'm not sure you read my question clearly so I am pasting it here for you: If you happened to see strong supporting evidence that proved to you that giving birth via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks is now safer/better for mom and baby than giving or even attempting birth vaginally at 40+ weeks in an uncomplicated scenario, would you still go ahead and attempt vaginal birth?   If you aren't interested in answering it or don't like it, you don't have to and that's OK.
    My doula told me I was the most prepared and informed she had ever seen any first-time pregnant woman (for childbirth).  That obviously does not guarantee anyone will enjoy their birth experience nor have a safe one. But I have no shame in my feelings about that experience, and no regrets that I didn't seek out information.  I am very, very blessed to have a son safely delivered.     But in the end I became the victim of my midwife's ideology.  She thought that I...
  I agree that doctors and hospitals do a very poor job of informing women about the facts.  I understand why, but that doesn't make it right.  I also feel that women are uninformed in general about some of the realities of childbirth, and often willingly so.  
  I am not saying that c-section is better in all cases in reality, so there is nothing to debate there.  My scenario is what I am debating.  I got to create the scenario and I don't understand why we keep arguing about a scenario when it's hypothetical.  And once again you are closing your point in regards to what you believe:-)
    All we have to go on in life is beliefs.  What are our beliefs based on?  Feelings?  Data? Personal experiences? All of the above? Which basis for beliefs will have the best outcome?   I believe we should all very carefully be aware of and understand the beliefs we have and their consequences.  I do believe dogma is wrong, since you asked, and yes, I'm a big proponent of critical thinking.  That is an ideology just like any other, and my point is not to criticize one...
  Let me clarify that this is a hypothetical scenario for all intents and purposes.  Sometimes people have a hard time putting themselves in such a scenario even hypothetically that my point is that the data might not matter anyways.
  My POV? Which point have I made that is ideological? do let me know.   I'm sorry but I am not interested in debating the cost of a cesarean or factoring that in to the scenario as a valid reason to prefer a vaginal birth, especially when a large number of attempted vaginal births wind up in an emergency cesarean anyways, which is significantly most expensive of all.    
    I see your point and it's an ideological one.  I have already replied to one of your other posts.
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