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Thanks for the wise words SweetSilver.   I am leaving for Pennsylvania today, for this weekend's race and Easter with in-laws.  I am bringing my mat and my meditation pillow.  With DS occupied by grandparents and cousins and no chores to do I should have plenty of time and space to get in some practice over the next few days.  
jsustanley-  In the yoga class I am taking we do a little pilates (about 10-15 minutes in the middle).  I had never done any before and it really kicks my @$$.  Seriously, my butt was so sore after the first few sessions. Abs too.  Yoga should not be too advanced though,  you can move at your own pace and only go as far as feels good in the postures.  Hope you find something that works for you!
Ugh.  I have been terribly absent from my practice lately.  I am really stressed out about this 5K on Saturday, probably would be really helpful to spend some time cooling out with meditation, but I am having a hard time just doing it.  
Hey all, I happened upon this thread in my search on fertility and astrology and even though I got a late start I did get my map done last night.  What a wonderful idea, I already feel its energy!  Will post a picture later.  
chilee-  I started taking a yoga class in January and I thought it had been a long time since I took one (2009); that is awesome that you are going back after such a long break!  I have a pretty regular home practice but I love taking a class again because it pushes me in ways I don't push myself practicing alone.  How did yours go?   tinytina- Excellent beginning on working the goals!  I especially love #6, I am a bath lover too, I try to work one in at least once a...
  Don't torture yourself!  My acupuncturist suggested getting off the hope/despair cycle and try cultivating a steady attitude of "joyful expectation,"  this will happen for you!  Phooey to being "too old" and all other doubts.  Fx for you this month.  Ran on Saturday.  The weather has been yucky and my sister had injured her foot so no run or gardening yesterday but feeling ready for a little of both today.  
I have been super sluggish this week and have not yet motivated myself for another run, or even any yoga.  But I have a yoga class today at the Y that will surely kick my butt. And my running sister is coming to visit tonight so maybe she'll get my butt out on the road tomorrow. On the brighter side, I have been in the garden everyday and have planted peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and kale.  Hooray! And I cleaned my room yesterday-- well, cleaned up all the clothes,...
jsustanley-  I agree with jenjy, eating the rainbow (everyday, when possible) is more important than including fruits.  Its can just be easier to get in those oranges, reds, blues, and purples with fruit, but brightly colored vegetables can be found.  Smoothies are also a great option (as mentioned by tinytina,) with lots of nuts and yogurt and a generous handful of greens they need not turn out sweet at all.     jenjy- For yoga I would suggest finding a sun salutation...
SweetSilver-  I am enjoying your "post-everyday-I-do-it".  Not bored yet!     I had a nice little run going myself but missed today.  I find it so hard to motivate when AF visits.  I went to the Y today and swam with DS and then came home and got in the garden for a bit, but then I was so exhausted I took a nearly 3 hour nap.  Dedication to practice begins anew tomorrow.  
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