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I would by from the Apple store or online from Apple. The prices are about the same and the customer/warranty service is far superior!
I wear my 4 month old in a Ergo Sport. Every time he gets these red, crease marks behind his knees, were his legs hang out of the Ergo. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas to help it?
We use the Sandy diapers by Motherease for night time. They are super absorbent. I also put a hemp liner in and cover it with a wool cover.
I have never personally used them but a friend of mine swears by them. She says they definitely work and work great.
A full tank of gas. It does cost $115 dollars to fill our van.
What if you paid cash for a van and saved the $150 a month for any possible repairs? You wouldn't be throwing money away on interest charged then. Really with any used car you could have to do repairs wether you spend $3k or $7k. At least if you don't have a payment you can then afford the repairs.
No birth control is 100% effective. Only not having sex is 100% effective.
The book Taking Charge of your Fertilty is great. Thru charting your temp and paying attention to the signs your body is giving you, you can tell exactly when you can and cannot get pregnant. This is the most natural birth control I know of.
Did you just go cold turkey or did you wean your family off the black box?
It depends on the child not the milk. I have had 4 babies that pooped with every feeding and 2 babies that pooped about every 4-5 days. Same momma same breast milk different poopers. All EBF.
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