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Not sure what label I would use to label use, daughter and I  get on great, best friends!   We don't really have rules, no bed times, no limits on TV, but have understandings, like keep the living areas tidy and starting of with tidy clothes although she does not comb her hair, often. I never punish her and she can be headstrong at times. She sometimes helps but not required to.
Many thanks for your replies, think it must be the first time ever that I have not been criticized for my parenting.
Hi, sorry for not reposting sooner also sorry for the confusion. OK I mean teaching although to me it is the same.   I did not go down the unschooling route by plan, it just I was working abroad at the time my daughter should be starting school. To date I have not done any type of teaching,  or whatever you wish to call it and at seven she still can not read for example.  She has shown no interest in wanting to and I am fine for her not to.
Hi to everyone here, found this forum few days ago, Single, with a 7 year old girl   Seems most of you have gone down the route of teaching reading, writing and maths, I was wonderng if any of you have gone down the route of no education.   Not sure if there are pms here but if the facility is available feel free to use it if you do not wish to post
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