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I told my kids.  Well they figured it out with me running around the house screaming with a pregnancy test.     btmama- thank you.  However, it is not me it is my faith in God that keeps me positive.  I know that if I was handling this on my own I would be a mess.    I passed a clot last night and completely freaked out.  We had an us on monday and everything was perfect.  We ended up going to the er and everything was still perfect.  I was pretty scared though
That looks like a good positive to me!
btmama- I remember you from pregnant after a loss board.  I am due in Nov too.  My son was still born in Dec- I would have been due in May.   I had another mc last may and then my first was actually before my son's pregnancy in 2008
I am just really hoping to get to take a baby home this time.
I literally have the opposite issue.  I desperately want another homebirth- or at least a birthing center.  But my son was born in December stillborn.  Now my midwife and I decided that for at least the next birth I need to have an ob and work with a perinatalogist.  They found that he had a true knot but there is still a need for higher monitoring. So if all goes well this time, we will use a mw again next time.
Ugh- it is really getting started.  I feel icky if  I am not eating.  I am trying to embrace it though.  It means a strong pregnancy
all I can say is I understand.  I have been found unexpectedly pregnant and I have had losses.  So on all parts I truly understand.
I have multiple "sneaky" hiding places.  I have an ottoman that stores things, a trunk in my bedroom for extra storage, my tv stand holds a few things, we have baskets on top of our cupboards that hold some things, a tin bucket on the fridge that holds more things and a buffet behind our table that holds even more.  I keep my ferments either in a bookshelf in my laundry room or on my counter.  My sourdough stays on the counter as I need to see it to remember to feed it....
we made our own
Mine seems to be starting- especially when I cook.  I was nervous yesterday because I hadn't felt smell aversions yet.  But I am starting to and the full on ms won't be far behind
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