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I've heard of a lot of bad experiences with Dr. Shaw, Cito, and even Dr. Tasker's office- he has a lot of other doctors working for him that are not actually pediatric specialists.  I've heard Dr. Martinez is good.   We recently went to Dr. Sjostrom at Sandia Pediatric Dentistry, and I would highly recommend him.  I am not sure if he takes medicaid, but I think he does.  He spent a lot of time with my kids and answered all of my questions.  It was a nice change from...
Welcome back to NM!  We have Presbyterian health plan and take our kids to Dr. Allison at After hours pediatrics.  He was recommended to us by friends.   We also just found a great pediatric dentist- Sandia Pediatric Dentistry on Wyoming by the academy.   I like these doctors because they are good, kind, and pretty conservative.  They also both give options for me to choose from.  Good luck!
Just for Grins in Santa Fe is great!  Especially Doctor " S"(don't know how to spell his last name) He's conservative, and always gives options to choose from.
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