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Wholesale Organic Chicken Feed Group just sprung up in Tucson AZ Arizona area.  The group is run by two mothers who are trying to save their families from GMOs.  They only carry USDA certified organic feeds and anyone can join.  There are no member fees and no minimums.  There are 20 different types of feed; layer, broiler starter, grower, finisher, turkey, goat, dairy hog, cattle, and straight commodities too.     The prices are much lower than any organic products...
Recently found great prices on non-GMO, USDA certified organic chicken feed at a significant discount in Phoenix, AZ metro area of Arizona.  I am posting this here because I have seen a few inquiries from mom's wanting to omit eggs from chicken fed RoundUp ready Soy and Corn out of their little one's diets.  Here is how the saving break down as of January 21, 2013:   Local Tempe Feed Store offers: -  40lbs of organic feed for $32.00  -  $0.80 per lb Organic...
New Posts  All Forums: