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" so many wonderful beautiful days " I know exactly what you mean. That for me was the hardest part to deal with. My ex can be so funny and kind and giving, then there's this monster who I get to deal with more often. Funny thing is I almost posted this week about how smoothly things were going and wondered who else seemed to have a seamless arrangement with their ex that was almost amicable. Of course there were great days, you wouldn't have stayed so long if there...
Do you prefer to drop your kids off for their visits or pick them up when the visit is over? I feel like I should request that the receiving parent does the driving, that way I'll have no one to blame but myself if they're late coming home from a visit.
Hey Dingoes, I'm still around, but haven't got a run in over a week. I'm super tired. Mothering is kicking my butt as DD has just begun crawling but is so attached to me I can't leave her anywhere without her screaming with passion, and if I'm right there she must crawl to me and hang on for dear life. That with DS testing his limits and sleep being what sleep with a baby is and I'm finally feeling like I've earned this Mother's Day. I'm going to go for a run tomorrow and...
Try cross-posting in the breastfeeding forum. I've only been as far as mediation but have been told by the mediator and legal counsel that most judges are not at all concerned about a breastfeeding relationship - and we were talking about my baby. I'm sorry your ex is not putting your daughter's best interests first. I'm still bfing both my kids - going on 1 and 3 years - and I know how important that bfing relationship is, especially with changes at home and daycare.
I keep a wall calendar and write any new thing that happens in it for either kiddo. Real quick jot note type thing. Then when they hit their next month bday, I update that month in their book using my notes from the calendar.
I meant to report back and got sidetracked. We've been having quite a but of success with red light green light. Thanks to all who made that suggestion. I'm keeping the other ideas in mind in case the novelty wears off. I'm hoping when it does he's grown up a little and is more aware of the whys when I tell him to too. I've loosened up about the wet and dirty shoes. It's easier to let it slide now that it's finally warm out and I don't fear his feet freezing if they get...
In case you needed it, here's another vote to get a new lawyer. Yours is not working for you. I'm sorry that's just one more thing that is now on your plate. Like you need more problems.
I know this is an old thread but how did it work out for you two?I'll be getting my own place when DS and DD are about 2 and 4 years old. I'm debating on whether I should rent a 1 bedroom and save as much as I can or buy a 2 or 3 bedroom.
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