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congratulations naturalcrunch!
:) thank you   hope others waiting to have babies will have them soon.
i guess i don't post in this due date club enough for anyone to know who i am. i had my baby on the 7th. i guess that was 41 weeks and 1 day.   my son was born on 42 weeks and 1 day so this baby came sooner. i had 5 days early labor stuff then i had a super fast active labor and midwife who lives less than a mile away did not make it in time for birth showed up a few minutes later. my daughter nellie was born in water i caught her. my husband and friend where there...
i guess i hardly post here too. i am still here. not "due" until wednesday. i see my acupuncturist tomorrow though. she thinks she can help. she really thought the baby would be born over the weekend. i think i don't feel safe enough for labor to get going been having lots of prodromal labor it starts it stops it starts it stops. i just need to feel safe so i can relax enough and have this baby.
i guess my estimated due date is 29th. i am not keeping good track of how many weeks i am. i guess i must be 39 now?   i am having so much ptsd stuff come up from last pregnancy and son being 2 weeks and a day late and all the pressure put on me and the dumb midwifes who really did not get ptsd at all and re traumatized me as a result. and lots of phobia stuff with hospitals so wanting have a homebirth (did last time but it was a fight t have it)   acupuncturist...
my estimated due date is 29th or 30th and my son was 2 weeks and a day past the estimated due date so i could be one of the very last
thank you for links i had actually done a search but my pregnant brain just is not functioning so well  
i should use search but i am very sleepy and my pregnant brain is not working so well. could anyone recommend any online videos i can show my son of homebirths that are realistic especially looking for something with a loud mama giving birth? i was so loud when he was born and i want him to be prepared for how loud i may be with this baby.   thank in advance
that is interesting. i think mine is just not that deep ever since i have been able to feel my cervix my entire pregnancy but for me i can push the garlic out if i need to. when i was pregnant with my son i had a few times i worried i was getting a yeast infection and used garlic and never had problems getting it out. i guess everyone is shaped differently.  
i have always used garlic when suspecting yeast infections and i have never used string and never lost one. i think it is fine to use no string at all.
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